Black Friday & Christmas Wonder Deals

Take advantage of our festive Wonder deals, available until December 31st 2017…

tenor (4)

Query or Synopsis Critique: £20 or have both for only £25

Edit on the first 5k of your novel: £30 or up to 10k for: £60

Short Story Critique: £20

Proofread of an already edited manuscript, up to 40k: £90, up to 70k: £110 and up to no more than 100k: £130

6-week Mentoring package, including weekly feedback on 3-5000 words of your project, or plotting and exercises for developing it, exercises and motivation to keep you on track: £90

Fancy a 12-Week mentoring package rather than 6 weeks? £160

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Wonder Vouchers are available for friends, family or just to treat yourself! Any value you require available on request.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of the above offers, please drop us a line at…

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