#WonderPitch Winners Showcase

We had a fantastic time picking our winners for the first ever #WonderPitch competition, but you didn’t make it easy for us! There were some brilliant entries, and quite a few were in the almost pile to be a winner, we hated not picking all of them because they were so good.

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It wasn’t just your pitches that we were judging on, your bio was also part of the winning package. We judged on various aspects, such as your main character, the stakes, originality of concept, conflict and tension, and for original, creative bios that really sang to us and made us want to work with you 🙂

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We’d like to thank everyone who took part, as you made our first competition a success, and very enjoyable. Watch out for future #WonderPitch competitions!

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Our winners and their pitches…

1st Place: KJ Harrowick





Kinra’s pissed she’s been swallowed by a dragon, but how else is she going to save the king’s ass and rescue her son? #WonderPitch #A #F


2nd Place: Bobbi “Willow” Kilbarger



The tale of the man behind the Phantom’s mask & the demonic deal that changed his life forever & how he became Jack the Ripper. #WonderPitch


3rd Place: Abigail Tanner



Alfie, a lamppost keeper, uncovers a plot to curse & enslave the realm. Should he rescue his sister or destroy the curse? #WonderPitch #mg


Honourable Mentions…

Deb Drick



12 yo Jaz to-do list: Learn dad is alive, solve clues on stone tablet, find 6 magic stones, open portal, seek dad, DONT DIE #MG #WonderPitch


Sophie Clarkin



In searching for her note-writing secret admirer, Charlie meets a boy and worries falling for him will leave her friendless. #WonderPitch


Kathryn Watts


Scarlett gets cheated on, dumped, and kidnapped into interplanetary human trafficking. Girls’ night out just got real. #WonderPitch #SF #A


Hannah Dunn


14yo Rhi discovers village Elders have hidden outside world. To find out why, & rescue his family, he must rediscover its secrets #wonderpitch

200w (4).gif

Well done to all #WonderPitch participants!

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