Testimonials from people you should definitely listen to. 

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You can’t sell a story if you don’t know how to pitch, and boy can Wonder Writers make your pitch shine. They’re bloody brilliant editors too. If your story needs a boost, and you can find them, maybe you can hire… oh no, sorry, that’s the A Team.

  • Ellie Locke


Jeanna & Emma are great. Their passion & enthusiasm for the written word, & helping you wrangle your work into a thing of beauty, is unsurpassed. Plus they’re the loveliest people who absolutely get the problems of juggling your life with your writing. These are the people you want guiding you & cheering you on in your writing journey.

  • Lorna Riley


Both Emma and Jeanna have provided me with peer critiques and feedback on all aspects of my writing, ranging from Twitter pitches to query letters to large chunks of my manuscripts. Throughout they are encouraging, supportive, but above all, they give honest and constructive feedback, which always improves my writing in whatever medium. They are both excellent writers in their own right, and this makes their advice all the more welcome and valuable. I’d like to thank the Wonder Writers for all their help in the past and, inevitably, in the future, too.

  • Stuart White


Wonder writers! Their pitching competition was so enjoyable. I really felt support from then and other authors while honing my pitches. The prizes were very generous and I can’t wait to book in for the real editing experience. So far brainstorming with them have unlocked a waterfall of new ideas and I know this duo will get a ton of repeat business! Including me! Now, when is the next competition…?

  • Marisa Blagden


You won’t find any other editorial service as supportive as Wonder Writers. Not only are Jeanna and Emma pitching as beta reading superheroes, but they’re also genuinely kind and concerned with ‘their’ writers getting the absolute best advice they can provide.

  • Anne Boyere


Emma read my novel in super quick time and the feedback that I received was detailed and constructive. Emma’s feedback didn’t feel overwhelming, and helpful examples were provided when tacking issues in the text. I would certainly request more feedback from Emma without a second thought.

  • Lisa Sorrell


I’m fortunate Emma came into my life as a Beta reader for my last WIP and her encoragement and support have been invaluable. Emma approaches her critques and feedback with professionalism and positivity; her joy for writing is infectious and her editing, insightful and encouraging. Not to mention she is the Queen of killer pitches!

  • Tizzie Frankish


Provided detailed and perceptive feedback both on line editing issues and big picture stuff. Nurturing but unafraid to provide a tough critique. Highly recommended.

  • Anna Orridge


Wonder Writers add panache to your pitch or query to make it stand out from the crowd. Their criticism is always constructive to spur you on to to improve the shape, purpose and clarity of your writing to bring out your best. Tireless, efficient and always encouraging – let Wonder Writers’ wit and wisdom support you on the road to being a writer.

  • Lydia Massiah

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