#WonderPitch Competition


In celebration of our launch, we’re announcing our awesome #WonderPitch competition!

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3rd Prize Winner receives a query letter or synopsis critique.

2nd Prize Winner receives a first chapter critique up to 5000 words.

1st Prize Winner receives a query letter critique, plus a synopsis critique, plus a critique of their FIRST THREE CHAPTERS up to 15000 words (because we’re generous like that).

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Starting at 00.00 BST on Saturday 2nd September and running through until 23.59 BST on Sunday 3rd September, we’re inviting you to enter our competition.

Enter by:

  • Tweeting your book in a pitch using the hashtag #WonderPitch

And then:

  • Email us at wonderwriters2017@gmail.com with a maximum 50 word bio on why you want/need to win. Please include #WonderPitch and your name in the subject line of the email and don’t forget to include your Twitter handle so we can match pitches with bios.
  • If you don’t have Twitter, please include your pitch within your email, ensuring you include the hashtag #WonderPitch and you don’t exceed the 140 character limit.


We’re looking for fantastic pitches which clearly encapsulate your story and show us your main character’s goal, what’s at stake, and the conflict stopping them reaching it. We’re hoping to find talented writers whose stories we feel we can help soar, so your bio needs to stand out as much as your pitch. In short, make us want to know more. Make us wonder!

Bonus points if you make us laugh or cry. (Or bribe us with pizza).

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We’ll announce the winners on Sunday 10th September.

Good luck!


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