Fees for Feedback/Editorial services with Wonder Writers…


We offer a variety of different packages to help you with your stories, whether they be novels or short stories, or even flash fiction. So please email us to discuss what sort of help you are looking for so that we may tailor our service to your individual needs.


As a result of our service being tailored to your unique needs, the prices below are offered as a guide, and prices can vary depending on the level of input required.


Reader reports and editorial work: an overview of your manuscript/short story, highlighting points for review and suggestions for revision. Price will vary for word count as a 30,000 word children’s novel will require a different approach and time frame to say a 90,000 thriller, etc.

  • £90-350 approx.
  • £90 for up to 10,000 words.
  • £25-75 for short stories and flash fiction.
  • £180 approx (depending on word count) for copy editing on an edited manuscript that requires fresh eyes to review and spot any mistakes or typos that you might not spot yourself.
  • 140 approx. (Depending on word count) For proofreading on a manuscript that has been copy edited and is ready for submission.
  • Reader reports, where we offer a complete read through with a 2-4 approx page written report and no mark up on the manuscript. Up to 30,000 words would be £100, up to 60,000 £190 and up to 100,000 £250.


Submission Package: This will include a review and feedback on your cover letter, 1 page synopsis and first 3 chapters of your manuscript and where necessary, your pitch. Where possible, we will also advise of suitable agents to approach who deal with your genre.

  • £120 for long chapters, those up to 10,000.
  • £70 for short chapters, those up to 5000.
  • There are also options for individual submission documents to be reviewed, such as just the synopsis, etc. Please email with your requirements.
  • Pitch package, if you just want to work on your pitch for a competition or approaching agents and publishers, we can also tailor a package just for this.


Mini Packages: If you’d like us to look at a smaller section of your writing we also offer mini packages.

  • £20 for 1st chapter critique or any chapter up to 2500 words.
  • £25 for up to 2 chapters (or 3500 words approx)
  • £40 3 chapters critique  (or up to 5000 words approx)
  • £15 Synopsis critique
  • £15 Query letter critique
  • £5 1st page critique
  • £5 Pitch Perfection critique on pitches up to 250 words


Mentoring: Our mentoring will mainly be handled by Emma, who will tailor the mentoring to your individual needs, so please email to discuss your project and hopes for what you would like to get from being mentored.

Emma is happy to work with most genres, though her personal expertise is with children’s fiction from chapter books up to Young Adult, and with adult fiction, particularly crime, horror, thriller and women’s fiction. Though she is happy to discuss any project to see if she is the right mentor for you.

What we’d like to offer:

  • Initial discussion via email to talk about your work and what you hope to get from mentoring.
  • 1-2-1s follow up for each feedback instalment: Weekly, monthly or other frequencies to suit, where we can discuss your work and give feedback. This can be via email, phone or skype if you prefer.
  • Up to 3000 words per week on your work in progress for review and feedback. This can be fortnightly or monthly if preferred, as we can tailor the mentoring and weekly/monthly word count to your needs.
  • Email support for brainstorming etc. when required.
  • Regular exercises and tips to get you started or keep you motivated.
  • Mentoring can be on a full length novel, short stories, and individual chapters, getting started on a new project and discussing the ideas for this, or even just regular motivation to keep you going. The mentoring package can be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Fees will vary from £120 approx per month upwards, and will vary per time and level of input required, though smaller packages can be arranged to the 6 or 12-week time frames.
  • 6-week mentoring package £120
  • 12-week mentoring package  £220
  • If you are interested in something on a smaller scale, we offer £10 per week for daily motivational emails and writing exercises. Can be booked as a one off or multiple weeks to fit your own schedule.


We are happy to discuss tailoring the mentoring to you, so please get in touch if this is something that you are interested in.


Sadly, we will not be able to take on everyone who applies, due to schedules and existing commitments. Please do email us at wonderwriters2017@gmail.com with your writing requirements so that we may see if we are able to help and work with you on your project.

Wonder Writers are committed to helping you achieve your writing goals and dreams, and we will tailor our service to meet individual needs as every writer is unique.

We look forward to working with you 🙂


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